Wednesday, July 9, 2014

List of Victims - Central Visayas

Dear Friends, 

Attached are the lists of victims documented by the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) or mentioned in its publications. If your name appears in the list and would like to wish for a photocopy of the material, please contact us at or visit our physical museum (Museum of Courage and Resistance) at #45 St. Mary Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

Our museum is available for visits from Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM, or weekends, by appointment. 

The list is arranged by province based either on the PLACE OF INCIDENT or PLACE OF DETENTION.

Abcede, Benjamin
Aton, Juan
Aton, Marcelo
Auguis, Mario
Auguis, Mario
Autida, Samson
Autida, Samson
Avenido, Alfredo
Avenido, Alfredo
Ayuban, Francisco
Baguio, Jose
Baluca, Eduardo
Baluca, Marlinda
Banga, Jose
Barrio, Benjamin
Barro, Casiano
Birad, Germes
Birad, Sebio
Busangilan, Antonio
Busangilan, Antonio
Busangilan, William
Butlig, Simaco
Cagampang, Ramil
Cardines, Celso
Compqc, Domingo
Cuizon, Francisco
Cuizon, Pablo
Dalogdog, Bienvenido
Doblas, Edgar
Doydora, Alfredo
Galindez, Aurelio
Hinampas, Gregorio
Hinautan, Leonardo jr.
Ipanag, Agaton
Ipanag, Agaton
Lapora, Consalacion
Lumantas, Candido
Magdua, Daniel
Magdua, Daniel
Marino, Porferio Jr.
Marino, Porferio Jr.
Membreve, Maximo
Mendez, Arnulfo
Mendez, Romeo Jr.
Miano, Florencio
Minoza, Dominador
Minoza, Vevencio
Minoza, Vevencio
Noronio, Ceriaco
Obbus, Ana Maria
Obbus, Ana Maria
Olayon, Fe
Omac, Gonzalo
Omac, Jaime
Paas, Cipriano
Pacaldo, ____
Pahit, Juan
Palac, Lino
Pardoncillo, Gaudencio
Perocho, Brigido
Perocho, Brigido
Ramirez, Cornelio
Reyes, Rizalino
Saguing, Aurelio
Sahol, Andres
Salamanca, Florencia
Samon, Escolastico
Sarmiento, Paterno
Taghoy, ____
Talan, Joventina
Tapao, Eldifonso
Tradio, ____
Villahermosa, Flavio

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