Sunday, December 20, 2015

(This material was originally published in Signs of the Times -Various Reports on December 26, 1975)

Martial Law... The Abortive Advent 
(A creative interpretation of the nativity narrative)
Luke 2:1-14

Now at this time the Ruler issued a decree-
This PROCLAMATION  - the first - took place in September 1972

So the people set out with high hopes and with great expectations
to watch for the coming of this NEW SOCIETY
At Referendum time everyone went to his own precinct
to register his prescribed support for the NEW SOCIETY.

The expected time came for the NEW SOCIETY to be delivered
one year passed
Another year passed
Rumors were rampant
Some claimed a genuine birth -- a first-born
Others insinuated a still-birth
Still others claimed that a monsters creature was gestating
in the long slow womb of '72, '73, '74
For three years the people watch for this birth.

In the swadling clothes of their poverty they waited
In the mangers of their squatter areas, they waited

Also in the countryside close by there were sugar workers
and tillers of the land who lived in the fields
They waited and took it in turns to watch

The servants of the Ruler appeared to them
Tyranny and power shone round them
The people were terrified

But the voice of the Ruler insisted

The NEW SOCIETY is already among you
However in the cities and in the countryside
The people did not see the promised birth
WHEREAS, Proclamations proclaimed it
WHEREAS, Decrees decreed it
WHEREAS, General Orders ordered it
Now, therefor, four Christmases later
The people realized the NEW SOCIETY was a false promise

In contradiction to the voice of The Ruler a great murmur was heard
Laborers, squatters and vendors
Farm workers, political prisoners and cultural minorities
The poor, the oppressed
Continued to groan for food, for shelter, and for justice
A new question was heard in the land
Is there life before death?

The voice of The Ruler answered and said
Do not be afraid
Listen I bring you new of great joy
A joy to be shared by the whole people
Today we have declared a holiday

And so a foreign god came to town
There was much preparing and white-washing and decorating
Many squatters were evicted to clear the way for the foreign god
Many people bowed and prayed and danced a welcome to the foreign god
It was a flawless rehearsed welcome
Perhaps the people suspected they were being prostituted to the foreign god
but fear is a great conformist
and money is a powerful begetter of slaves

Some of the people boycotted the holiday
They refused to be seduced

And here is a sign for you
You will find them in the hills and in the countryside
You will find them in the prisons and in the stockades
You will find them in the open spaces outside locked churches
and locked palaces
In the distance you will hear their chant, their protest, their prophecy.

And suddenly the voice of The Ruler is lost
As the great throng shouts out praising God
And singing  Sobra na, Welga na Kami!
Sumama na kayo! Sumama na kayo!
Men, women, and little children shout it
Some nuns and priests and foreigners shout it

There is no room for them in the inn
Together in Solidarity
They quest for justice

Now at this time
It being a holy season
They take unto themselves the privilege of The Ruler
The authority of Proclamation, Decree, and General Order
WHEREAS, Christmas is reduced to colored lights and colored lies
WHEREAS, Christmas words of Peace, Goodwill and Blessing are violated
WHEREAS, Christmas gifts of Freedom, Liberation and Equality are denied
WHEREAS, Christmas has not happened for close to 80% of Filipinos

Now, therefore,
Let it be decreed that Christmas be erased from our calendars
Let it be decreed that Christmas be a time of mourning
Let it be decreed that Christmas be postponed
Until that day
When the people pause in their struggle
and in truth and power sing Christmas
Glory to God in the highest heaven
And peace to men who enjoy his favor.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

May 1, 1981 Kilusan Mayo Uno Assembly
Museum of Courage and Resistance features the struggles of workers during the Marcos Regime.

Go to link: to view some of the materials available on human rights and human rights violations on workers available at our Museum.

Visit our physical museum at #45 St. Mary Street, Cubao, Quezon City.
Call 02 4378054 for appointment.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Courage and Resistance

There is a current aggressive social media campaign to rewrite the history of the Filipino people. Using graphics and great musical score, it retells the story of the Martial Law period in a favorable light, giving credence to the action of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. It also tried to trivialize the martyrdom and sacrifice of those who have struggled to regain our democracy.

On the previous projects of the Museum of Courage and Resistance, we tried to fill this void by having the Museum come to the students. We tried to educate by taking our museum on a tour around different universities and colleges all over the Philippines to share the story of the Martial law era, not only the atrocities of human rights violations during the period but also the strength of character shown by the Filipino people in fighting against the dictatorship. We organized forum to discuss the importance of these stories to our present condition and that we, as people should continue in striving for real democracy and the absence of human rights violations.

Unfortunately, we can only reach so much audience. Because of limited resources, we could only organize this event in a number of schools in the country, we could also bring only limited number of material per leg of the tour. To reach a bigger number of audience, specially the younger generation, we have created this virtual version of the Museum of Courage and Resistance to make it accessible from all parts of the world. It will also be beneficial to older demographic, who may not be physically available to tour the museum will have an access through the online site.

Museum of Courage and Resistance Virtual Walkthrough

The Virtual Museum in detail:

List of Victims - Northern Luzon

Dear Friends, 

Attached are the lists of victims documented by the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) or mentioned in its publications. If your name appears in the list and would like to wish for a photocopy of the material, please contact us at or visit our physical museum (Museum of Courage and Resistance) at #45 St. Mary Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

Our museum is available for visits from Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM, or weekends, by appointment. 

The list is arranged by province based either on the PLACE OF INCIDENT or PLACE OF DETENTION.

Abangwen, Marta
Abaoag, Roberto
Abawag, Sabin
Aggulan, David
Agosto, Mamerto
Agwaking, Badeng
Ambalneg, Busilac
Angciw, Federico
Arbaros, Florentino
Arce, Santiago
Astudillio, Romeo
Baawa, Linggayo
Baawas, Balagbag
BAGGAS, Bonifacio
Baguiwan, Tomas
Bagwan, _____
Balabag, Basilio
Balawag, Ana
Balawag, Arturo
Balawag, Beata
Balawag, Conception
Balawag, Lydia
Balbuena, ____
Balcanao, Pasingan
Balcanao, Rodolfo
Balin-ay, Balincag
Banatao, Iasias
Banderyl, Erenio
Bangaoan, _____
Bannagao, May-yong
Barcena, Benjamin
Barcena, Ramon
Barona, Ciony
Basera, Ascendo
Basing-at, Tangdol
Batoon, Vienes
Bawalan, Bita
Bawalan, Fidel
Bawalan, Lingbawan
Bawalan, Pe-eg
Bayquen, Jerry
Begnalen, Francisco
Begnalen, Jose
Belmonte, Bassiwa
Belmonte, Constante
Belmonte, Dumacyon
Belmonte, Johnny
Belmonte, Ponciano
Belmonte, William
Benesa, Albert
Bengcan, Victorino
Bermodes, Mateo
Bermodez, Langina
Bermudas, Sagmayao
Bernardez, Alejandro
Bicera, Patricio
Bicera, Patricio
Bisara, Gullyen
Blando, Jaime
Borgonia, Antonio
Bosa, Balatoc
Boyagan, Agripin
Brigas, Tullin
Bringas, Teo
Briones, Jimmy
Briones, Violeta
Bucayo, Miguel
Buenavista, Cesar
Buenavista, Veronica
Bulaay, Andrew
Bulaay, Anning
Bulaay, Belino
Bulaay, Eduardo
Bulaay, Odani
Bulaay, Pedro
Bulaay, Quintin
Bussawit, _______
Buyag, Facundo
Cagayongan, Pascual
Calagui, Felimon
Carino, Abbayak
Carlo, Sotero
Carpio, _____
Castillo, Joaquin
Castillo, Ul-in
Catriz, Constante
Cawas, Susan
Constante, ____
Daangad, ____
Dalingay, Tongdo
Dalumag, Barbero
Dalunag, Inong
Dangas, ____
Dangli, Juanita
Dangli, Teresita
Dao-wan, Fely
Dawiguey, Ilpa
Domaging, ____
Duggay, Benedicta
Duguis, ____
Eluna, Francisco
Eqyera, Balweg
Galano, Sabada
Galanto, Sabado
Garces, Antonieta
Garcia, Martin
Garcia, Romulo
Gaspar, ______
Gavino, Edas
Gayban, Felipe
Gayyed, Maganay Dalisan
Gomez, Roy
Haboy, Victorino
Idao, Jose
Ipe, _____
Jefferson, Marino
Labbagan, Francisco
Laguicao, Miguel
Laguico, Miguel
Latawan, Constantino
Latawan, Francisco
Latawan, Paula
Leones, Felipe
Liagao, Pepito
Lumadao, Sio
Mabanag, Aggulen
Macario, Rudy
Macato, Rudy
Madamon, ____
Magallanes, A.
Magallis, Dominador
Magallis, Jose
Maganay, ____
Mamerto, Agosto
Managad, Coleman
Manambao, Lucia
Mangad, Coleman
Mangwag, Lonso
Manuel, Miguel
Manuel, Teodoro
Maricope, Benito
Miguel, ____
Molina, Amor
Molina, Bitanga
Molina, Carmelo
Molina, Dandie
Molina, Rafael
Osias, Valera
Osing, Gayban
Pablo, _____
Pablo, Edas
Paraquis, Metodio
Piano, Mesing
Polon, ____
Reyes, Capiz
Reyes, Emma
Sabino, Willy
Sacwed, Winnie
Sagban, Samagan
Sagudang, Rogelio
Salingbay, Balingog
Sangdaan, Sales
Sibalo, Simon
Suyon, Augusto
Taday, Bartolome
Tante, Miguel
Tante, Teodoro
Tauro, Celestino
Tauro, Juan
Timoteo, Ganeb
Timoteo, Walingan
Tuban, Jaime
Tubban, Balbuena
Tubban, Arthur
Tubban, Bagyen
Tubban, Francis
Tubban, Francisco
Tubban, Jefferson
Tubban, Pat Jefferson
Tumadao, Sio
Ulat, Julio
Uste, Leslani
Valera, Charlie
Vicente, Bernardino
Winnie ______
Zacarias, Alonto

Manglallan, Andres
Orpilla, Norma

Abag, Leon / ADEY, Jun
Adey, Jun
Agrong, Wilbert
Amparao, Domiciano
Andayo, Hilario
Angguey, Emilio
Annaguay, Emilio
Atas, Loleng
Atas, Lolina
Badian, Carmelita
Bagano, Dominador
Bagista, Elsie
Barona, Victorino
Basawil, Ronald
Batnag, Thomas
Bautista, Gilbert
Bayangan, Fermina
Bernal, Rey
Bernal, Roger
Bodonia, Serafina
Bodonia, Victor
Boyayo, Dicinia
Briones, Benjamin
Budda, Raymundo
Bumaynin, Alfonso
Bumaynin, Naty
Cagyungan, Pascual
Castro, Nestor
Chalignek, David
Cortel, Corazon
Daguyen, Eddie
Dalang, Marcia
Dela Cruz, Levy
Docacao, Pablo
Enriquez, Joel
Fawas, Chag Osen
Fernandez, Resteta
Guillermo, Isabelita del Pilar
Kaset, Henry
Kili, Lee
Lang-ay, Modesto
Licuasen, Angelita
Loagan, Genoveva
Malecdan, Rufus Jr.
Masaka, Modesto
Mendoza, Crispin
Pelignen, Joseph
Pelinguen-Lao, Joseph
Recto, Nordeliza
Reyes, Sigfredo
Salvador, Soledad
Senense, Eduardo
Sibayan, Mila
Sibayan, Wilfredo
Sison, Nolan
Soriano, Josephine
Subido, Brenda
Teryachen, Fuvawit
Timbreza, Expedito
Timbreza, Irene
Toccebe, Estimo
Tuazon, Romulo
Valerio, Nilo
Velasco, Elina
Verzola, Ma. Cristina
Victoriano, Artemio
Vidal, Lenny
Wangdali, Tito

Abad, Francisco
Abad, Lourdes
Abang, Marina
Abarientos, Loreto
Abel, Basilio
Abel, Hilario
Abella, Carling
Adriento, Alfredo
Afda, Ernesto
Agatep, ___
Agcaoili, Reynaldo
Agfoldo, Linlingay
Agiute, June
Agluba, Jaime
Agra, Pedro
Agron, Samuel
Agudan, Alejandro
Aguinaldo, ___
Agulla, Felipe
Agunoy, Arcadio
Agunoy, Rogelio
Agustin, Dante
Agustin, J.
Agustin, Johnny
Agustin, Sedfred
Alingay, Jose
Aliobida, Fabian
Allabon, Tomas
Allienda, Warlito
Allovida, Flaviano
Almendral, Ariel
Alonzo, Jimmy
Alsisto, Julian
Andres, Crescencio
Antolin, Alfredo
Antolin, Romeo
Antonio, Julian
Apusio, Faustino
Aquino, Filomeno
Aquino, Melecio
Aresta, Carmelo
Asucena, Entri
Asuncion, ___
Atermio, Jose
Ayda, Ernesto
Ayodan, Florendo
Azucena, Romulo
Baccolores, Simeon
Baddul, Salvador
Bagora, Roly
Balacano, C.
Balagat, Nelson
Baldesancho, Henry
Baleon, Recto
Ballay, Alfredo
Ballay, Reyes
Ballesta, Eduardo
Ballesteros, Florencio
Ballesteros, Jose
Ballesteros, Pedro
Ballesteros, R.
Balongday, Angidan
Balongday, Macarthur
Baluran, Child
Baluran, Florendo
Baluran, Vicente
Banatao, Jose
Banatao, Jose
Bangan, Paz Andre
Banggay, Martin
Bansad, Anthony
Bansad, Anthony
Banyawa, Dapali
Banzuela, Eduardo
Barbosa, Veneracion
Barcena, Alejandro
Barred, Marino
Bassig, Mario
Bassig, Pedro
Batag, Danglupayan
Batag, Danglupayan
Batang, Danglayo
Batang, Danglayo
Bautista, Amando
Bautista, Mando
Bayawok, Pablo
Bayon, Boy
Bela, Johnson
Beltra, Jessie
Bemesa, Josie
Bernuiza, Alfredo
Bernuiza, Llanes
Biraquit, R.
Briaquit, Rizal
Bulay, Benjamin
Bulay, Jun
Bungag, Martin
Buriala, Juanito "Boy"
Cabacuncan, Filemon
Cabacungan, Angeles
Cabacungan, Gloria
Cabana, Badul
Cabana, Renato
Cabang, Filomena
Cabang, Filomena
Cabangcungan, Filemon
Cabasab, Herminio
Cabasag, Agustin
Cabasag, Leonito
Cabigin, Benjamin
Cabilde, Cadio
Cabildo, Doro
Cabildo, Inong
Cabitla, Bernardo
Cabitla, Filemon
Cabling, Eddie
Cabling, Edito
Cabrera, Inong
Cabrero, Emiliana
Cabrero, Emiliano
Cabus, Moises
Cachola, Tony
Caddraian, Agibig
Caducio. Emilio
Cagarangan, Elio
Caliboso, Marcelo
Caliboso, Romulo
Calling, Antonia
Caluntod, Rodolfo
Canapi, Rolando
Canapi, Rolando
Canasia, Romeo
Cansejo, Juanito
Cansejo, Perfecto
Cansejo, Rodolfo
Cansejo, Venancio
Caoilan, Raul
Caoilan, Saling
Caoili, Ising  Lapitan
Caoili, Itong
Caoili, Mario
Capili, Marcelino
Capili, Raellano
Carabo, Amado
Carabo, Amado
Carabo, Amado
Carabo, Amado
Cardenas, Charito
Carlos, Joseph
CastaƱeda, Mario
Castillo, Henry
Castillo, Henry
Catindoy, Salvador
Catindoy, Vicente Jr.
Catindoy, Vicente Sr.
Cawilan, Raul
Cerdinolo, Salvador
Conag, Apolinario
Conag, Apolinario
Concepcion, Mary Ann
Confedente, Warlito
Conosado, Dominador
Contado, Gabriel
Corpuz, Angelito
Corpuz, Antonio
Corpuz, Edwin
Corpuz, Eleazar
Corpuz, Frederico
Corrales, Francisco
Corrales, Jovencio
Costales, Alfredo
Crismo, Romeo
Cristobal, Michael
Cruz, Artemio de la
Cruz, Dominador de la
Cruz, Fermin de la
Cruz, Marino de la
Cuaresma, Gemma
Cudal, Antonio
Cudal, Romeo
Culili, Perfecto
Cuntapay, Anastacio
Dabildo, Cario
Dada, Filemon
Daliente, Lita
Danao, Lope
Dante, Teodoro
Daoag, Reminigilda
Daquilan, Elmer
Darapisa, Romulo
Dariano, Intong
Dariano, Intong
Dariday, Diego
Dawang, Illiing
Dayacus, Serafin
Dayawan, Mauro
de la Cruz, Jojie
De los Santos, Saturnino
De Ocampo, Reynaldo
Dela Cruz, Alex
Dela Cruz, Artemio
Dela Cruz, Eduardo
Dela Cruz, Emilia
dela Cruz, Evalistro
Dela Cruz, Fermin
Dela Cruz, Henry
Dela Cruz, Jose
Dela Cruz, Laiargine
Dela Cruz, Lailandie
Dela Cruz, Lailanie
Dela Cruz, Lailarine
Di-ad, Almazan
Diasan, Renato
Dinaon, Teofilo
Dingwesa, Lawas
Dingwesa, Villamor
Domingsil, Charlie
Dupaya, Samson
Ermetanio, Teofilo
Espiritu, Maule
Esteban, Marcos
Evangelista, M.
Evilla, Willy Delson
Ferrol, Carlote
Ferrol, Dely
Filemon, Jose
Flor, ___
Flora, Jovy
Florie, John
Francisco, Lando
Gabona, Andres
Galiga, Monico
Gammad, Rogelio
Gammad, Romulo
Gamonwa, Sebastian
Ganacia, Ernesto
Ganasia, Romeo
Gapusan, Romeo
Garan, Reu
Garcia, Angel
Garcia, Lito
Garcia, Marcelo
Garcia, Rogelio
Gasalao, Pedro
Gean, Marcelino
Geronimo, Alberto
Gi-an, Marsan
Gudayan, Hilarion
Gudazen, Jose
Guillermo, Danilo
Guimay, Leonor
Gunda, Alfonsa
Gunda, Child
Gundan, Francisco
Haddac, Lamen
Hidalgo, Salvador
Imperial, Agapito
Imperial, Pepito
Jacinto, Ismael
Jacob,  Eugenio
Javier, Francisco
Javier, Gina
Javier, Isidro
Javier, Joey
Javier, Renato
Jorque, Salvador
Jose, Crispulo
Jose, Melchor
Jose, Romeo
Juan, Carolina
Juan, Celso
Karurukan, Wilmer
Labugin, Benjamin
Lacar, Elling
Lacar, Franklin
Lagua, Cidilyo
Lagua, Rico
Lanna, Florida
Lanna, Jimmy
Leano, Elecito
Leano, Gigi
Libam, Salvador
Liban, Rolando
Linggayano, Viviano
Llanto, Orlino
Lorenzo, Angeline
Lumaylay, Ernesto
Mabborang, Felipe
Macapulay, Lino
Magura, Felix
Malabad, Mario
Malabad, Ricardo
Manablug, Ronnie
Manaday, Eduardo
Maning, Valentin
Manuel, Estanislao Jr.
Manuel, Mercu
Marcelo, Dominador
Marcos, Aming
Marcos, Corre Jr.
Marcos, Lando
Mariano, Arnold
Mariano, Benito
Marismo, Marahan
Marquez, Bartolome
Martin, Silvestre
Martinez, Pelagio
Masayan, Loreto
Mayo, Jack
Mendoza, Reynaldo
Mendoza, Ronaldo
Mendoza, Venancio
Mendoza, Vicente
Mina, Adela
Mina, Apolinario
Mora, Aguilino
Mora, Andres
Mora, Francisco
Natividad, Ben
Navarro, Cresencio
Navarro, Federico
Nicolas, Pablo
Odillo, Jesus
Ollen, Juan
Ominga, Rodrigo
Ormanita, Anacleto
Orpilla, Norma
Orteza, M.
Ortiz, Arturo
Ortiz, Virgilio
Ortiza, Jovencio
Osita, Benin
Osita, Benito
Pablo, Berting
Pablo, Edna
Pablo, Emma
Pablo, Luis
Padinayon, Fermin
Pagarigan, Raymundo
Pagarigan, Rudolfo
Paggarigan, Bandoy
Paguila, Cat
Paguila, Cris
Pagulayan, Alex
Pamittan, Antonio
Panaga, Carmelito
Panaga, Renato
Paragas, Jose
Pascua, Nelson
Pascual, Cirilo
Pascual, Jose
Pasion, Tony
Pattung, Piding
Peralta, Fe
Peralta, Santiago
Pineon, Rogelio
Puan, Balbino
Puddag, Carias
Quinto, R.
Raban, Freddie
Rafael, Rodrigo
Ragasa, Natividad
Ramos, Joe
Ramos, Wilfredo
Raquidan, Olino
Raza, Manuel
Rebocal, Guio
Rebulledo, Paulina
Rebulledo, R.
Rebulledo, Renato
Remolagio, Boy
Reputula, Renato
Respicio, Dionisio
Respicio, Ernesto
Respicio, Valentino
Retuera, Romeo
Reyes, Pascual
Reynoso, Cesar
Rivera, Fernando
Rivera, Mario
Rivera, Mario
Roploc, Alfredo
Roploc, Mrs.
Rumbana, Emilio
Saab, Salvador
Sagiped, Mateo
Saguitan, Hilario
Saguitan, Moises
Salazar, Mandi
Salazar, Terio
Sales, Bernardo
Sales, Marcelo
Salvador, Variato
Salvatierra, Danilo
Samiling, Ador
Sanchez, Felix
Santos, Cristobal
Sarmiento, Gabriel
Secretaryo, Pio
Serenian, Lando
Simangan, Saturnino
Sinal, Feling
Soler, Salvador
Somera, Gloria
Soriano, Ireneo
Soriano, Rodolfo
Soriano, Villamor
Sumer, Nanding
Tabarejo, Manuel
Tabisora, Rodolfo
Tablada, Pedro
Tablada, Peter
Tabuguan, Erning
Talay, Roberto
Tamayo, Rodolfo
Tangenan, Marciano
Tappo, Juan
Tejano, Felix
Tejano, Francing
Tierra, ___
Tobias, Renato
Tolentino, Amor
Tolentino, Amor
Tolentino, Mrs.
Tomas, Angelita
Tomas, Cerlito
Torres, ___
Tubban, Berting
Tulali, Rodolfo
Tumaliuan, Carmelito
Tumaliuan, Danilo
Tumaliuan, Maximo
Tumamao, Alfredo
Tumamao, Roly
Turo, Lumberdo
Ubina, Cerinno
Ubina, Mel
Udal, Rogel
Ulita, Fabian
Umbrero, Mariano
Umlas, Federico
Undiana, Elpidio
Upaundo, Artemio
Urmanita, Fortunato
Valentin, Jose
Valiente, V.
Ventura, Maximo
Ventura, Rogelio
Verita, Alberto
Villa, Amador
Villaflor, Herman
Villanueva, Alfredo
Villanueva, Amin
Villanueva, Berto
Villanueva, Federico
Villanueva, Loreto
Villanueva, Mario
Villarde, Marlon
Villarde, Maxima
Villarde, Salustiano
Vintero, Pedro
Vista, Charlie
Vitos, P. Jr.
Vitos, P. Sr.
Vitos, Pompeo
Vitos, Vicente
Vitus, Benjamin
Wamil, Ramon
Wandasan, Imelda
Yadan, Orlando
Ayuro, Romeo
Beneking, Bolingeg
Buhungan, Johw
Dulnuan, Binnulok
Dulnuan, George
Galap, Abelardo
Lumaho, Juan
Nagayos, Leon
Pipiwong, Agustin
Salvador, Lenville
Tuguinay, Hidayan

Ilocos Norte
Agnawe, Pascual
Agpoldo, Melecio
Agriam, Oscar
Agron, Ludencio
Agtang, Felix
Aguinaldo, Federico
Agustin, Andres
Agustin, Elmer
Ambrosia, Tony
Andres, Ciriaco
Andres, Danilo
Andres, Isidro
Andres, Mauricio
Bacong, Malubeg
Baguing, Cartalina
Baguing, Romeo
Balbag, Ernesto
Balguna, Eduardo
Balino, Consolacion
Bannar, Freddie
Barang, Candelario
Barang, Candelario
Barid, Merlita
Barrid, Benny
Bartolome, Flaviano
Bartolome, Lorenzo
Bartolome, Rico
Bartolome, Serafio
Basilio, Mrs.
Basilio, Silver
Batac, Pedro
Bitanga, Amador
Blas, Gerry
Botac, Rogie
Butac, Nida
Butac, Roy
Caligan, Florencio
Calixto, Rizal
Carlos, Marugay
Carlos, Pacifico
Dacuycuy, Orlino
Dagata, Hector
Dalere, Villamor
Daliri, Reynaldo
Does, John
Dominador, ____
Domingo, Esmenio
Dumalan, Jose
Flores, Lina
Galapir, Excellen
Gamiao, Felix
Gango, Carlito
Gaspar, Cirilo
Gongon, John
Gudayan, Artin
Gudayan, Macario
Jacinto, Mariano
Lazano, Francisco
Lorenzo, Adriano
Lorenzo, Diomedez
Lorenzo, Yolanda
Lumabao, Federico
Malvar, Rolando
Manuel, Antonio
Martinez, Dominor
Pascua, Carlina
Pascua, Faustino
Pascua, Susan
Pascual, Danilo
Ramos, Yolanda
Ranga, Rudy
Rasus, Saturnino
Regimio, Ted
Reyes, Narciso
Salvador, Gorgonio
Sensano, Ricarte
Simon, Calixto
Sta. Ana, Fausto
Tagata, Hector
Tessie, Galleng
Tomas, Madily
Umnos, Gerry
Valdez, Nemesio
Valentin, Baby
Valentin, Jessie
Valentin, Joseph
Valentin, Susan
Vidad, Basilio
Viloria, William
Wanason, Belen

Ilocos Sur
Agatep, Zacarias
Bagawi, Samson
Balawen, Antonio
Camitog, Romeo
Gonzales, Ricardo
Joven, Rudy
Lang-ay, Hilario
Lang-ay, Rufino
Licudan, Pablo
Moreno, Asiong
Pang-ag, Atanacio
Uyaan, Telesforo

Acierto, Rodel
Acosta, Bong
Adriano, Criselda
Agbang, Norly
Agcaoile, Serafin
Agcaoili, Honorato
Agudo, Andres
Aguinaldo, Junior
Agustin, Benigno
Agustine, Anita
Alavarez, Mely
Alonzo, Henry
Alvarez, Estong
Alvarez, Jacobino
Alvarez, Tony
Alwad, Ben
Andaya, Ricardo
Andres, Romeo
Antonio, Siriaco
Aquino, Antonio
Aquino, Feliciano
Ariola, Abe
Babaran, Domingo
Bajo, Aurora
Bajo, Zenaida
Balbin, Gilbert
Balbin, Juming
Balbin, Tomas
Baldovino, Gigi
Balimbin, Eduardo
Bangan, Esmundo
Bangloy, Nestor
Baniquid, Romeo
Bawi, Roger
Bernardo, Pepito
Bidania, Barlan
Binalay, Rodrigo
Boran, Mariano
Bulan, Ciano
Bulan, Presentation
Bunagan, Arturo
Buraga, Servando
Caba, Islaw
Cabang, Isabelo
Cabico, Mateo
Cabiles, Eddie
Cabiles, Rolando
Cadoma, Peding
Cadorna, Luis
Calle, Orlando
Calle, Ruben
Canlas, Heherson
Canlas, helper
Canlas, Juanito
Canlas, Julius
Canlas, Lidovina
Cavilan, Sito
Cepeda, Virginia
Chavez, Marcos
Claro, Gilbert
Claro, Lazaro
Collado, Martin
Concepcion, Carlito
Corampes, Vicente
Corpuz, Romeo
Corpuz, Salvador
Cortez, Leonides
Cristobal, Rogelio
Cristobal, Rufino
Cuaresma, Candido
Daliri, Juanito
Dalit, Jesus
Dalit, Melanio
Dalquaoag, Catalina
Dampitok, Rolando
Dancel, Orlando
Dancel, Padio
Dancel, Venancio
Daroy, Max
Datul, Antonio
Dela Cruz, Arsenio
Dela Cruz, Elpidio
Dela Cruz, Henry
Dioso, Julieto
Directo, Conrado
Directo, Elpidio
Dumrique, Eddie
Espiritu, Manuel
Eugenio, Desiderio
Farro, Jaime
Felipe, Alejo
Felipe, Ating
Felipe, Sebring
Fernandez, Cristeta
Fernandez, Ed
Francisco, Bernardo
Francisco, Ireneo
Francisco, Ireneo
Francisco, Lito
Gabay, Mario
Gabriel, Luis
Gamad, Danilo
Gamino, Ricardo
Garcia, Marcelo
Garcia, Rogelio
Garcia, Romy
Gargabite, Bonjing
Guzman, Basilio
Ido, Artemio
Labayog, Emiliano
Labugen, Juan
Laggui, Domingo
Laggui, Fedreic
Laurenciano, Mauro
Lora, Roseller
Lorenda, Edung
Macabitas, Onofre
Macapallag, Julio
Malabad, Matei
Malillin, Aurora
Mamungay, Loreto
Managuilod, Juan
Manuel, Ancheta, Jr.
Mariano, Alejandro
Mariano, Gatan
Marinmin, Daris
Marquez, Artemio
Marquez, Porfirio
Martinez, Edgar
Martinez, Freddie
Martinez, Nando
Mateo, Samuel
Maur, Macario
Mayor, David
Megaven, Norbito
Miguel, Mamerto
Monterola, Pedro
Ochoa, Remy
Padron, Francisco
Pagallaman, Melecio
Pangramoyan, Maria
Pascua, Alexander
Pascua, Benito
Pascua, Mario
Paulino, Alvarro
Pilarta, Pedring
Quilog, Juey
Ramos, Loreto
Ramos, Oscar
Reganit, Benjamen Jr.
Reganit, Severino Sr.
Requeno, Joseph
Resurrecion, Virgilio
Robles, Edwin
Romero, Lorenso
Romero, Pabitang
Sagadraca, Faustino
Saguibo, Paer
Sagun, Fema
Saladino, Florentina
Salaguinto, Melecio
Sansano, Nobleto
Santos, Vicente
Soleto, Antonio
Soriano, Aladin
Soriano, Gabriel
Soriano, Rodolfo
Talata, Romy
Tamang, Lily
Tamang, Naro
Tamang, Roldan
Teil, Cedring
Telan, Julito
Tolentino, Noli
Torqueza, Pedro Jr.
Torqueza, Recarte
Tuazon, Melencio
Ulep, Dominador
Umipi, Amboy
Valdez, Ernesto
Valenzuela, Boyet
Valiente, Jovita
Vicente, Leeward
Vicente, Moises
Villanueva, Arnold
Villanueva, Eleuterio
Zingapan, Bartolome
Zipagan, Fidel
Zipagan, Rogelio

Kalinga Apayao
Irorita, Fernando
Abantog, Francisco
Abbago, Fernandez
Agpuldo, Maximinano
Agron, Alfredo
Agurin, Lorenzo
Alunday, Pablito
Alunday, Romeo
Ancheta, Gilbert
Ang, Maria Elena
Angadol, ____
Aningal, Antonio
Aningal, Eleuterio
Aningal, Felotio
Aningal, Luciano
Aningal, Vicente
Apostol, Carlito
Aragon, Alvaro
Aragon, Bebot
Arevalo, Edgar
Ariola, Venancio
Arnilla, Pedro
Arquitas, Gavino
Aurea, Sr.
Awingan, Benjamin
Ayochok, Julian
Ayungon, Rolando
Baggas, Angeline
Balag, Gomer
Balag, Prescilla
Balagat, Wilson
Balicao, Arcadio
Balicao, Condipan
Balicao, Eddie
Baluntate, Gonzalo
Bambalan, Galicano
Banyatan, Agustin
Baringil, Garcia
Basanes, Maximo
Basungit, Pugot
Battoyong, Paut
Bautista, Federico
Bayan, Ernesto
Baylon, Francisco
Bergadero, Ireneo
Berlan, Tito
Bocacao, Pablo
Bonifacio, Juan
Bonwilan, Pepe
Bunnao, Rizal
Busacay, Mrs.
Caballero, Perfecto
Cabarles, Estelita
Cabasag, Martin
Cagmanan, Salitan
Camayang, Martin
Caot, Luis
Capsuyen, Romeo
Carian, Ifan
Cayetano, Freddie
Celeste, Wilfredo
Cheklagun, Max
Chumpol, Chokis
Cuaresma, Eduardo
Cuenca, Nida
Dagwat, Baliknang
Dagwat, Piio
Dammay, Agagen
Dammay, Ramon
Dangiwan, Pedro
Dawadao, Dalunay
Dayanan, Erlinda
Dayawen, Mauro
Dayugan, Loreto
De la Torre, Rodolfo
Decis, Mario
Dela Pena, Reynaldo
Delen, Bacdayan
Delfin, Angel
Delfin, Depal
Delfin, Mamerto
Delfin, Naning
Demetillo, Rodeo
Diaz, Alberto
Diaz, Mariz
Divinagracia, Lolito
Dominguez, Virgilio
Ducusin, Necto
Dugay, Ruth
Dumayong, Tilap
Escario, Jesus
Escomo, Jesus
Espedinia, Wilfredo
Estilloso, Tito
Eustaquio, Raul
Fajardo, Isidro
Fajardo, Lucita
Feria, Eddie
Flores, Isagani
Floro, Romeo
Francisco, Eliong
Fung-is, Follis
Galapen, Danilo
Gante, Demetrio
Garcia, Norman
Garcia, Rolando
Gario, Ireneo
Gatellas, Maureto
Gawang, Joe
Gawilan, Juanito
Gayudan, Andres
Gayudan, Andres
Gegato, Adresito
Gelacio, Filomeno
Gerota, Nelson
Gonzales, Florencio
Gudayan, Marcelino
Gudayon, Jose
Gudayon, Juan
Gumabay, Frederick
Hasko, Cynthia
Hudlok, Taba
Ibulwag, Yag-ao
Isla, Domingo
Isla, Erlinda
Isla, Moises
Kagod, Junior
Kalsiyao, ____
Ladino, Salvador
Lagulao, Conay
Langbayan, Antonio
Latosa, Felecillo
Lubam, Emilio
Luquiao, Erlinda
Madriaga, Rey
Mahilum, Leopoldo
Mahusay, Mateo
Malngo, Linang
Manayon, Bienvinido
Manera, Danilo
Mangangate, Cristoto
Masola, Porferio
Mateo, Benjamen
Mauden, Egmedio
Melad, Edwin
Minag-leg, Cheung
Mistras, Calistro
Monsale, Joeven
Mosles, Gerry
Narciso, Ernesto
Octavio, Jonalyn
Olivas, Danilo
Orqueal, George
Ortega, Hernani
Oyong, Romeo
Pablo, ____
Padillo, Salvador
Pagano, Batalao
Paling, Vicente
Palma, Romeo
Pascual, Jessie
Passion, Rolando
Paterno, Hermilo
Paut, Agluk
Piagan, Daowan
Pigao, Nardito
Quantin, Francisco
Quelang, Arsenio
Quelang, Eduardo
Quia, Efren
Ramirez, Francisco
Ramirez, Simeon
Rivera, Mario
Rosete, Orlando
Sag-an, Addas
Sag-od, Mangad
Santos, Alberto
Sarmiento, Nestor
Saro, Apolinario
Saruelo, Viviano
Secretario, Pio
Sedullo, Francisco
Sedullo, Rodrigo
Segvo, Carlito
Silogan, Orlando
Simangon, (in law)
Simangon, Sabino
Simangon, Susana
Simangon, Wenceslao
Simple, Sony
Siplao, Emiliano Jr.
Sugao, Boy
Suniaga, Honorato
Suniaga, Juanito
Tande, Rodulfo
Tangiday, ____
Tikni, Emilio
Timtim, Letty
Tolentino, Rogie
Torento, Jose Jr.
Torento, Lorena
Torrido, Edgar
Tuarez, Ernesto
Venus, Carmelina
Wanson, Elizabeth
Yabon, Payok
Yulantes, Judith
Yulantes, Visitacion

La Union
Bautista, Rodolfo
Boadilla, Ernesto
Dalu, Marianito
De Vega, Rolando
Fajardo, Wilfredo
Isberto, Ester
Isberto, Ramon
Lagmay, Lucero
Marcelo, Rolando
Pascual, Avelina
Sarmiento, Evelyn
Sison, Jose Maria
Sison, Juliet

Mountain Province
Agagen, Maximo
Agio, ____
Amparo, Domiciano
Anungos, ____
Aquino, Jeremias
Baggiling, ____
Batton, Luis
Carino, Jacqueline
Casan, Beth
Chulping, Margarita
Dakwang, ____
Dangiwan, ____
Daweng, ____
Killi, Lee
Laigo, Edgar
Milagring, ____
Pasiwen, Peter
Pimentel, Gilbert
Pollis, ____b
Rillera, Romella
Robanillo, Calvin
Sibayan, Mila
Sibayan, Wilfredo
Taba, ___
Tabbanu, Dagayapan
Taguinay, Lewang
Tikagan, Edward
Timbreza, Expedito
Timbreza, Iryn

Nueva Vizcaya
Tadao, Daulayan
Parong, Aurora Corazon
Ballogan, Letty
Delos Santos, Imelda
Divinagracia, Francis
Garcia, Bienvenida
Granada, Juanito
Mallari, Zenaida
Ortiz, Sofronio
Padilla, Sabino
Portuguese, Norberto
Soriano, Mariano
Taguilig, Tito
Almanza, Rolando
Madduli, Manuel
Ngitit, Alfredo
Alunday, Filemon
Bandsma, T.
Barzabal, Marissa
Sanderinck, H.
Ting, Cynthia
Bacani, Dominador
Dalimot, Villamor
Madule, Manuel
Pajarillo, Rufino
Pinaroc, Florentino
Traspe, Isidro Jr.
Ortiz, Eufronio
Pineda, Benjie
Ferrer, Rogelio
Divinagracio, Francis
Mallari, Zenaida
Ortiz, Eufemio Jr.
Padilla, Sabino Jr.
Pineda, Benjamin
Portuguese, Norberto
Cabay, Joseph
Eugenio, Romeo
Buhayon, Carlos
Puhay, Carlos
Pimentel, Estella
Peralta, Willy
Melandores, Rodora
Ferrer, Rogelio
Agusting, Andres
Duque, Pitang
Mariano, ____
Mariano, Mrs.
Gadjano, Ponciano
Garcia, Virgilio Jr.
Urbano, Rey
Urbano, Rosendo

Alcaide, Gregorio
Alejos, Rustico
Ambat, Teodoro
Aritumba, Jaime
Banaag, Reynaldo
Barrocan, Ricardo
Botardo, Leonardo
Buaga, Ricardo
Cabacungan, Ernesto
Cabacungan, Letecia
Cabungason, Rogelio
Calsib, Romeo
Celestino, Alfredo
Cemino, Emeliano
Chiongson, Nanuel
De Guzman, Gerry
Estrada, Adelina
Fontelera, Fermin Jr.
Frianez, Armando
Ganigan, Andres
Gawat, Salvador
Jasmin, Pablo
Jasminez, Alan
Labasbas, Teresita
Labasbas, Vicente
Marigza, Marylou
Mata, Cuirelio
Morden, Michael
Nanquil, Norberto
Ocampo, Anacleto
Oliveros, Teresita
Oria, Tuminado
Pacatcatin, Erlinda
Pacatcatin, Moises
Paningbatan, Calixto Jr.
Salazar, Luding
Tamesa, Angel
Tenorio, Dennis
Torres, Jose
Ubalde, Justino
Versoza, Loreto
Zambrana, Eduardo

Bagnis, Marilyn
Dumapaz, Melanie
Fernando, Junior
Fernando, Senior
Galace, Sofronio
Galapon, Samuel
Galase, Danilo
Laurella, Francisco
Pacis, Antonio
Sanggaon, Marilyn